Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My signature is .... what's yours?

This post is entirely inspired by Smaggle.
Do you have a signature? I don't mean the way you sign your name when you pay for groceries (not that we do that so much now with chip and pin I guess. I can't actually remember the last time I signed my name) - but what are the things that are just very 'you' at the moment? Here are my signatures...

:: I always have porridge with bananas and blueberries for breakfast - I recently added cinnamon on a friend's recommendation.
:: My absolute favourite perfume is YSL Parisienne. It's the only one I wear. And the only perfume I've ever bought a second bottle of.
:: My makeup is nearly always the same - light eyeshadow base with a bit of dark powder added at night, brown eyeliner and brown mascara plus a neutral gloss. Plus YSL Touche Eclat and Clinique foundation if I feel the need. Might be time to shake that routine up actually.
:: I have to read before I sleep. If I don't read I get snarky and can't nod off. My husband gets pretty grumpy about it to be honest but you can't break a habit of nearly 30 years that easily. I used to read by the light of the hallway outside my bedroom long after my mum and dad thought I'd gone to sleep. Might explain my myopia.
:: Hey Ya - the song I will always dance to when it comes on. No matter where I am. There is a hilarious (for some) video of me on Facebook dancing to it. I won't be sharing it. Sorry.
:: Coffee of choice right now is a skinny decaff latte - or lemon & ginger tea.


Passionate Blogger said...

My wife's the same, she has to read something in bed before she can sleep. Myopic as well.

Jules said...

I have to read the news before I go to bed. It used to be teletext/ceefax and now it's checking it on my phone. It drives Hubs mad!

Christine said...

Hi Passionate Blogger - glad I'm not the only one who absolutely has to read before bed. I will tell my husband that next time he complains.

Hi Jules - it's good to be informed on current affairs. Hope it doesn't give you bad dreams though!

Deepa said...

I like this, I might do a post on my blog :)

Hubby has to read too, I do sometimes but mostly I read tweets ;)

Christine said...

Hi Deepa - well at least you both have a habit. My husband just gets annoyed with me!


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