Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I've lost that lovin' feeling...

I've been feeling a bit lost with this blog of late - I've been writing it since 2006 but I feel like I've wandered off track a bit, especially since I stopped selling on Etsy.

I've lost my blog love.

But I have some ideas to bring back that lovin' feeling (I'm not as old as that cheesy song reference makes me sound).

I want to interview fellow crafty types (any ideas who you'd like to hear from?), I want to solve your crafty problems (an unscientific twitter survey suggested a lack of time and space are your main ones) and I want to keep talking about things I love and the ups and downs of life.

How does that sound? Anything else you'd like me to write about? Can you help me fall back in love with my blog?


..:.lab.:.. said...

Sounds good to me!

PlanetPenny said...

Hello! Just randomly found you via Twitter and thought I'd call by. I know the feeling, sometimes it's hard to keep the momentum going. I find it's a daily struggle keeping interesting enough to tweet, the blog is slightly less, (only slightly!) difficult because I fall back on photos. Failing that, my dog has so many fans I write about him!
Hopwe you find your mojo soon,


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