Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Final wedding photos...maybe

So we've had the official wedding photos and they're beautiful... here's a little mosaic of some of my favourites:

1. Arriving, 2. Love, 3. Welling up, 4. Exchanging rings, 5. You may kiss the bride, 6. Happy, 7. Just married, 8. Outside the front door of our venue, 9. Swishing my dress, 10. Us and my handmade veil!, 11. Confetti, 12. Our wedding guests, 13. The stairs, 14. Sitting in one of the gorgeous window seats, 15. Me and the girls, 16. Ben's lucky day, 17. Toby came to the wedding of course, 18. Me
All photos by Olga Becker

I might actually stop talking about the wedding now. Afterall, the countdown to Christmas starts now doesn't it? And I've already made the Christmas cake, pudding and some mince pies. Expect lots of posts over the next month as I'm planning to make it a very homemade Christmas.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Thoughts on marriage

So I'm quite new to this marriage lark (a month tomorrow) but so far it seems pretty similar to life before marriage. We have lived together for over four years so nothing is different there. We're still as in love as ever. But something is different - the thrill that I get when I see my new name or when I catch a glimpse of metal on his left hand. And the total happiness and contentedness I feel.
Of course it's early days and I don't expect to still smile when I see my name in 10 years time - I'll probably be over that little excitement by then.
So tell me, what's your favourite thing about marriage?

Sunday, 1 November 2009

I had to get dressed up and have my photo taken again...

I had to get dressed up and have my photo taken again, this time for my graduation. I've been studying for 5 years for a BSc. Hons in Business Information Technology all while working full-time, doing a bit of part-time crafting and planning a wedding (during the last year of it). I don't know how I fitted it all in and surely I should have loads of spare time now both the degree and the wedding planning is over, shouldn't I?


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