Monday, 17 January 2011

They say if you have a big task you should break it down...

I turn 32 this year. Instead of freaking out - well I might still do that - I thought I'd make the most of the next 7 months and try to complete as many items as possible from my 101 in 1001 list. I think that by breaking the big fat list down into smaller ones it will make it much easier to achieve.

So these are the items I intend to complete before I become another year older:

12. Read a book in a day
14. Take a book (maybe the one in no.12) to a coffee shop and spend the afternoon there on my own
15. Record a craft video tutorial
16. Eat 5 things I've never tried before (4/5) - I only need to eat one more new thing
17. Cook 5 things I've never cooked before (4/5) - again, I only need to cook one more
39. Go to an auction
47. Complete Edinburgh MoonWalk in less than 8 hours - it's in June (please sponsor me if you can spare a few pounds)
52. Make my own duvet cover and matching pillow cases
55. Visit an art gallery
59. Have a pedicure
60. Cook a ten-course meal - I'm thinking maybe for my birthday
66. Go to a classical music concert
69. Buy a vintage dress
71. Make sourdough bread
95. Have a spa day
100. Start an art journal
Hopefully it'll be a fun and action-packed few months!

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