Friday, 21 January 2011

Five crafts you can make in 10 minutes or less

In the course of my 52 crafts adventure I've tried out stacks of crafts (32 to be precise) - some took me an entire week to do (and will take a lot longer to master) and others were quick "oh crap I haven't done this week's craft" crafts. So I thought I'd focus on a few of the projects you can squeeze into the gaps between work, family and the other things that you fill your hours with.

Happy Birthday Mum

1) Card making - you can easily make a card or two in ten minutes. I've tried out a few techniques like quilling which are a little more time consuming but cutting out simple shapes like parcels or flowers and adding a stamped message like on this Mother's Day card takes no time at all. Plus it's a great beginner's craft and you don't need much kit at all to get going. Although if you want to splash out, the Silhouette HD is a great tool for creating quick and effective cards.

Pink and pretty cranes

2) Origami - granted, the first time you attempt an origami crane it might take longer than ten minutes but once you get into the swing of things you'll be whipping them out in no time at all. When you have a few you could string them together and make a pretty mobile.

Leafy canvas

3) Leaf printing - been out for a dog walk and found some nice leaves? Why not use them to make pretty art or cards?

Snowflake earrings

4) Earrings - if you're new to jewellery making it might take a little while to get to grips with twisting the wire but simple drop earrings are quick and easy to make and are perfect gifts.

Candle making

5) Candles - if you've never made candles before it's worth spending a lot more than 10 minutes reading the instructions - hot wax and impatient crafting do not mix. But once you know what you're doing you can produce pretty teacup soy candles in the time it takes wax to melt.

Happy crafting x

*Disclaimer - I haven't timed any of these so if they take longer than ten minutes I apologise profusely! 


purple said...

Fabulous! Love the way you have shot the pictures too.

Christine said...

Thank you purple - glad you enjoyed it!


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