Monday, 7 May 2007

Walking and designing

Well yesterday we completed the last "big" training walk before the MoonWalk- 20 miles! In less than two weeks it will all be over, we'll be tired but satisfied and proud after walking 26.2 miles in aid of breast cancer charities. We're still giving some thought to how we're going to decorate our bras for the walk. Of course we need to keep them practical and comfortable as they have to stay supportive for the walk. You of course don't need to keep them so practical! How is everyone getting on with the contest?

I've designed this little banner for the contest. Feel free to use it on your blogs and websites to promote it.

And finally here's a picture of our walk yesterday, more in my flickr set. Our walk coincided with a vintage car rally which made the walk along the sea front a little tricky!



Felicia said...

I can not stop thinking about the bar I want to design! :)

Rhi said...

i knoooooow what i'm doing! and its HOT. ha.
gotta finish this damned essay first.

Zabrina said...

Hi Crhistine. That's awesome what you are doing. I, personally never did such nice thing for any cause. I wish I could join some day.

Christine said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing your bras (hee hee!) Rhi and Felicia. And hi Zabrina, thank you for visiting :)

Jay said...

When I did the breast cancer run in the fall, when the starting gun went off, it was literally a sea of pink in the street.

Christine said...

I bet it looked amazing Jay. Everyone is sent a pink hat for the MoonWalk (as seen in the photo above), I'll have to make sure I take photos of the start.

Monica Huete said...

Congrats for your work, really good. I'm not sure you'll like it but I tagged you. Now you have to write a list with 7 facts that people don't know about you and then ask 7 more people to do the same.

Good luck.


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