Thursday, 31 May 2007

A Christine update

It's all been about the bra contest lately so today I thought I'd do a little update about what's new with me.

Well I've been spending lots of money on this, this and (very excited) this.

I've been making these:

I'm going to be writing for another blog which I'm very excited about. If you have any tutorials you'd like me to consider trying out, leave me a comment.

Ummmm, what else? College is finished until September so I'm free of assignments for a little while. The sun has been out today which is great. I'm loving Mika's album, chatting to the UK etsy girls (buy UK!), gardening and facebook.

What's new with you?


gilfling said...

Oh that is one of my favourite colour combinations - grey/blue and red. Love it. Right I have to do something - get on this uk blog ring as I am clearly missing out on alot of great blogs!!! Off to do it now - I think!

Rhi said...

oh what! i'm so jealous of that gocco set. am looking forward to see what comes out of that!
i should hang around some uk etsy seller places aswell probably... said...


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