Saturday, 26 May 2007

Just a few new designs...

I interrupt the prize announcements to just show you a few things I've been working on lately...

Thanks to the UK etsy supplies swap I received these beautiful pieces of sea glass from The Devil's Wallpaper. So with the addition of some silver wire twisted and turned around them, they became pendants:

Two of them in my shop now, with two to follow soon!

I'm really happy with this set of cards and gift tags so there'll be more colours to come soon, in the meantime here are the Sunshine Girls:

In my shop now.

Hope your bra decorating is going well, hoping to see some more entries soon! For all of you in the UK, have a fun bank holiday weekend. I'm now off to do some gardening before the rain starts!


Lanedesigns said...

I really like your pendants...beautiful colors.
Thank you for comment on my garden. I love outdoors!!!
I like your blog...funny reading about the bra contest!
I am adding you to my link list if you don't mind.


Jay said...

Oooh, I love sea glass.

Christine said...

Hi Debra, of course you can add me to your link list :) I'll add you to my bloglines feed.

Jay, me too, I kept one pendant for myself :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Your little tags are adorable! : )


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