Sunday, 27 May 2007

Back to the prizes...

Next up in the prizes we have these beautiful earrings from Sakura Fubuki Designs.

Again, my photos don't really do them justice, they're very pretty and glamorous.

Sakura makes stunning jewellery and also produces some beautiful ceramic work. She's combined both talents in this piece:

(Click photo to see (and buy!) the Etsy listing).

Read Sakura's blog or visit her shop to find out more about her unique jewellery designs.

How many more reasons do you need to enter the "decorate your bra" contest today? Well, tomorrow there'll be another reason!


askey said...

Love the ceramic necklace!

Sakura Fubuki Designs said...

Wow thanks for the shout out Chris!! I feel exceedingly privileged :) I hope whoever gets the earrings likes them (^_^)

Thanks askey it's so nice to know people like my designs :)


Vanessa V said...

Ooo la la....Nice and fesh looking too! xxo

Rhi said...

i cant believe these prizes! they are amazing!


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