Friday, 18 May 2007

It's all about bras and walking

Well only one more day to go until the big night- 15,000 women (and men) will be donning their decorated bras and walking the streets of London in aid of breast cancer charities. According to the MoonWalk website it's going to be 8°C overnight which means we need to keep a good pace and not stop unless we really have to. I'm excited and nervous now- I know what to expect as this is the second year I've taken part- which is probably why I'm nervous! I know it's going to be fun though and I'll also be thinking about the women I know, and those who's stories I've heard, who have battled breast cancer bravely. If they can do that, I can certainly walk 26.2 miles to help them and many others.

Now on to the bras, two more people have added their bras to the flickr group as part of the bra decorating contest.

art bra
This beautiful bra is by Carolyne from Australia and features gorgeous hand felted flowers.

Next up is Amanda's bra, Amanda is from Suffolk in the UK, not many miles away from me. In fact she's one of my walking buddies for tomorrow night's event so she'll be wearing this bra on the streets of London- all that glitz and glitter will look fabulous. ;)

Bra design for 2007

How is everyone else getting on? I have had three fantastic prizes offered from three etsy sellers. More on that when I have some pictures of the prizes.

EDIT: Just a little note, although this contest is totally free to enter, if you'd like to show your support for breast cancer charities, please consider sponsoring me via the little box on the right of this page. All money goes directly to Walk the Walk. Thank you.

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