Friday, 11 May 2007

First bra contest photo is in the Flickr pool...

Thank you to Katie (from What Katie Did) for being the first entrant with her knitted pink creation. She's part of a group who are taking part in the Edinburgh MoonWalk.

Martha modelling our Moon Walk bra

Hope everyone is doing well with their designing and creating, I started mine last night, I may post a sneak preview later.


Felicia said...

LOVE it! I have changed my mind nine hundred and forty-two times about how to doll up my bra. What a fun contest :)

carolyne said...

I happened to have to decorate a bra for something else entirely, so thought I'd enter it into your contest just for fun. I've uploaded it to the group :)

Christine said...

Glad you're having fun felicia! Carolyne, thank you for joining in, your bra is fab!

carolyne said...

thanks :) it's not so over-the-top, but i guess that's me. i can't wait to see other people's entries - those who've actually spent time planning their designs!
where's your sneek peek ?


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