Sunday, 9 March 2008

A Vintage Etsy Wedding

I love etsy and I plan to buy anything I can't make from there (except my dress) so here's my first "mood board" for a Vintage style wedding.

1. Katarine Vintage Inspired Earrings by Gingeroni1 2. Loretta by UmbrellaHeaven 3. recycled poppy corsage--ivory by foundling 4. Victorian Wedding v3 - Vintage Hair Pin Set by OriginalsByLynnette 5. French Russian netting BIRDCAGE WEDDING VEIL with Swarovski Crystals by SomethingBold 6. Vintage Rhinestone Bridal Princess Tiara Headpiece by graceartandantiques 7. gold beaded goodness by erstwhilevintage 8. fleur fatale- real orchid and swarovski fascinator by annabronwyn 9. Cream Lace Pillow Boxes - 4 Mini Boxes by fieldandsea 10. Set of 6 - Vintage Wedding Bridal Cards by KeepsakeCouture 11. LOVE IN THE MIST by joanshum 12. Truly Vintage Inspired Necklace, Oxidized Sterling Silver with White Topaz Teardrop by hazelnutcottage

Hope you get some inspiration from my selections!


Rhi said...

hurrah for vintage style weddings. and crafty ones at that.
i am so looking forward to seeing the pics of the big day!

Pinky said...

oooooh! Vintage weddings are so gorgeous!! I just know you are going to look divine!! YAY!!


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