Friday, 14 March 2008

Book Review: DIY Bride

I've borrowed quite a few wedding craft books from the library and frankly, they haven't been very inspiring. Most of the projects were a bit too flowery or overly fussy for my liking and they were nearly all in various shades of cream.

However, after discovering the DIY bride website, I knew this book would be different. And I wasn't disappointed. From the "Best Dog" collar to the Bird cage veil, there's something to personalise every part of your wedding. I love how Kris Cochran details if the project is best for you to do on your own or whether it's suitable for a group to work on with different "stations" for each element of the project.
There are lots of things I'm planning to make from the book- don't you think Toby would look adorable with a best dog collar?

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