Friday, 28 March 2008

More sewing and glueing

Yesterday was a wedding day- we visited a potential venue and I went and tried on some dresses. I'm off to try on some more dresses today and whilst I have no intention of choosing one just yet, it's fun to get dressed up. Or at least I thought it would be. I didn't really enjoy myself as much as I thought I would. Standing around in my underwear and being fussed over by shop assistants wasn't that great to be honest. Maybe I'll be in a better mood for it today.

I'm really getting into sewing and I may well start stocking bags etc. in my shop soon, I just need to get some more made and photographed when I have some time.

Here's another bag I made the other day:

Artsy Clutch from Bend the Rules Sewing

And a cute new house card:

House proud card

The card is in the shop now along with a new Bird Bingo ACEO and a new Wedding section.


Jenna said...

I found you through Grace's Birdcage Wedding, I love your etsy shop, I favorited it so I can come back and visit anytime.

Pinky said...

I hope you had a better time dress shopping. It can be a little much, I agree with you on that one. But, it's worth it when you find "the one"!

LOVE all your new work! Keep it up!

A Fanciful twist said...

Love your creations!!!! oooo wedding plans & dresses and lovely things!!!! LOL!!! You are so funny, I hope it will be better today... But you might be standing around in your underwear again :))))) You are so cute!!! xo

High Desert Diva said...

Great the vintage button!


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