Friday, 14 March 2008

Recycle 2008: Idea 2

Well a little later than originally planned, here's Idea 2 of my 2008 Recycling project- you can see idea 1 here. As I didn't manage to publish one in February, I will try to fit two in this month.

This project is about re-using something I always have a lot of- glass jars.

I use them for lots of things already- tea light holders, water for painting, vases for flowers like these:


And here are just a few of the ideas I found on the Thrifty Fun website:

Craft storage, Gifts in a jar, Mix recipes, glass paint, Terrariums and a change jar.

In the past I've also made a memory jar as a cheap and easy Valentine's Day present for my fiancé. I filled it full of little bits of paper with memories written on them like the moment he proposed and the skydive we did a few years ago.

Idea 2
I took some of my favourite fabric scraps, cut them to size (the circumference of the jar plus a bit) and ran them through my trusty Xyron sticker maker. I stuck them on the jar et voila, a pretty candle holder! You could go a little further and add pretty trims and buttons.
You could also use ribbon, lace and how about fabric selvedges?

Here's how it looks with a tea light inside:

Let me know if you make any yourselves and share the picture in the comments. And tell me what other ideas do you have to reuse glass jars?

Note: Be careful when using these as tea-light holders. Use the same caution you would whenever you use candles- don't leave them unattended and place them on a suitable surface.


Diana Evans said...

great blog...I will definately pop by often...


Pinky said...

These are really good ideas! When Miss Pinks was little, I used baby food jars for cute little things like this, but I hadn't thought of all the fabric scraps I could use. I do wonder, though, why do you have so many glass jars?


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