Thursday, 13 May 2010

Z is for... zzzzzzzzzz

Tomorrow will be spent doing lots of waiting around, and then some major drug-induced sleeping. And I imagine quite a lot of more sleeping will take place over the days to come.

I've treated myself to an iphone so I'll be able to keep in touch with people - follow me on twitter if you don't already as I'll try to update you there when I can.

If you missed any of my blog alphabet you can find all the posts here.

See you back here once I'm allowed to use a laptop again. And hopefully I'll have a fixed back by then.

Byeeeee x


Christals Creations said...

Good Luck.

See you back here soon.


Siobhian Carroll said...

I hope it all goes well Hun xxxxx

craftyjemima said...

Good luck with the op Sweets. Am waiting for one in the summer so know how you're feeling. Rest up and get better soon.

Nerys x


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