Thursday, 27 May 2010

Fun with flowers

The advantage of having an operation (apart from getting my back fixed of course) is that I have a lot of flowers. And by a lot I mean two huge bouquets from work, some beautiful roses, an assorted bouquet including lilies and a pretty yellow and green bouquet I bought myself before I went to hospital.

So over the last few days I've been playing with the blooms and making pretty displays. It's something to do when I can't do a whole lot else.

Pretty spring display
On our dresser in the dining room.

Flower in a teacup
A practical use for my collection of teacups.

Yellow and green
Yellow and green is not an ideal combination for football fans where I live (the rival team's colours) but I think they look great together here.

1 comment:

Ann Flowers said...

Like the floral centerpiece on the table. It looks beautiful. Enjoyed going through your blog.


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