Thursday, 6 May 2010

S is for... shopping (and surgery)

Look at this big pile of parcels that arrived today...

The little parcel was Touche Eclat which I certainly needed after my 13 hour trip from Belfast yesterday (a long story involving a ferry, trains and automobiles).

The square one was....
Vintage cuteness

which I bought from the wonderful H is for Home.

And the final parcel was a beautiful tapestry kit that I'm planning to stitch up whilst I'm recovering from surgery. I'm going in to hospital next week for an op on my back and will be recuperating for a few weeks so when I saw this in Emily Peacock's shop I couldn't resist.
To keep me busy...

I should maybe stop shopping for a while now but I do love getting parcels in the post!


Jules said...

I love that tapestry kit. I've never done it before. Is it similar to cross stitch?

Christine said...

It's worked in cross-stitch so very similar I think - I'm looking forward to finding out :)

Christals Creations said...

Tapestry is very similar. I found that usually it's worked in just one half of a cross so to speak. Looking forward to seeing the finished thing Christine.


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