Saturday, 8 May 2010

U is for... us

Our little family.

I'm a woman of few words today - I'm mainly making lists. Lists of things to do before I go to hospital; things to take to hospital; and things to do when I'm convalescing. The list making distracts me from thinking too much about the surgery.

Hope everyone is having great weekends so far - what have you been up to? Today I had a huge lie-in to make up for a shattering week, did a bit of shopping, met a friend for coffee and cake and bought an iphone :) I decided I'd need something to keep me entertained in hospital and my laptop might not be a good idea after back surgery. I'm researching apps at the moment - anyone got a recommendation?


pouch said...

such a proud mummy and daddy!

good plan about the iphone, I think you'd go mad with boredom without it, my brother loves his :)

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful photo of your wee family. I hope that you find lots of lovely things to do during your recovery that will keep you occupied and also allow you lots of rest. all the best for your surgery! xxx

Andrea said...

Beautiful photo!


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