Saturday, 20 March 2010

A 101 in 1001 update...

So I'm quite a way into my 1001 days - 202 days to be precise and I have achieved some of my list but to be honest there are plenty I haven't made a dent in yet. Here's the latest list:

Start date: 30 August 2009
Finish date: 27 May 2012

1. Research family tree - haven't made any more progress since my last update.
2. After doing family history, visit some of the places my family lived - ditto above
3. Make my first quilt - bought the fabric for this - next stage is cutting it up!
4. Build a website from scratch
5. Get married!
6. Have a go at geocaching
7. Write a book
8. Write menu plans- seasonal and cheap- every week for a month (0/4)
9. Grow potatoes - made a start - I am chitting seed potatoes as we speak!
10. Join a screenprinting class
11. Go on safari
12. Move house
13. Do something creative every day for a week (7/7) - I did this at the beginning of the year with a series of little sketches. I'll have to scan them in and show you soon.
14. Do something creative every day for a month (0/30)
15. Run 5K (run the whole thing) - this won't be happening this year thanks to sciatica :(
16. Eat 5 things I've never tried before (4/5) - accomplished most of this on honeymoon: Crocodile, Kudu, Warthog and Ostrich
17. Cook 5 things I've never cooked before (3/5)- Liver, rice pudding and Christmas pudding
18. Make a scrapbook of my 30th birthday
19. Make a scrapbook of my hen do
20. Make a scrapbook of our wedding
21. Try waxing (at a salon, not eyebrows)
22. Write a routine for cleaning/house management
23. Go to opera for the first time
24. Go to the ballet again - went to see the Nutcracker last month
25. Donate blood
26. Volunteer 101 hours (3/101) - I've just volunteered to do some web work for a local charity so this should increase soon.
27. Make & write thank you cards for Amanda & Kate
28. Perform 101 random acts of kindness (1/101) - I need to get cracking on this one.
29. Read the ones I haven't already from this list - ( only 3 so far: Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy & To kill a mockingbird, The Great Gatsby)
30. Participate in a craft fair
31. Blog daily for a week (7/7) - I did this, did you notice ???
32. Blog daily for a month (0/30)
33. Finish the charity shop quilt I bought
34. Make a zine
35. Learn to make clip frame purses
36. Learn to knit
37. Learn to crochet granny squares
38. Organise and tidy craft room - ummm it's a disaster again!
39. Go to an auction
40. Document my tea cup collection
41. Get a promotion
42. Climb Snowdonia - will be on hold 'til back better
43. Have another horse riding lesson - will be on hold 'til back better
44. Select & take part in a “big” charity event like the Moonwalk - will be on hold 'til back better
45. Take part in a beach cleaning event - yes, September 2009
46. Get up at 7am every day for a week (7/7) - yes out of necessity thanks to work!
47. Get up at 7am every day for a month (0/30)
48. Learn another craft I haven't already done
49. Set up bi-monthly craft nights/afternoons
50. Set up a water butt
51. And a compost bin
52. Take part in illustration friday, once a week for a month (0/4)
53. Visit a farmers' market or farm shop once a month- this is a habit now, I go probably once a week
54. Continue to run the Christmas giving tree at work every year (1/2) - see recent post about this year's tree.
55. Treat myself to a 'treatment', either in a salon or DIY, once a month - I need to spend more time looking after myself, I just don't!
56. Go to yoga once a week for a month (0/4) will be on hold til back better
57. Make lunch to take to work every day for a week (0/5)
58. Make lunch to take to work every day for a month (0/20)
59. Write a love letter to Ben every month (6/33) - have missed a couple of months so will need to make up for it
60. Start a new collection- perfume bottles? Vintage clothes?
61. Go on a picnic - yes, whilst on safari, up in a tree house!
62. Visit a local attraction once a month e.g. beach, park, museum etc. (3/33) - slacking on this one too
63. Update my blog template - yes, today!
64. Make a skirt - in progress
65. Make a dress
66. Go to a classical music concert
67. Polish up my French before next holiday in France
68. Buy a Diane von Furstenberg dress
69. Buy a vintage dress
70. Donate something to freecycle, or a charity shop, once a month, on average- this is a habit now, give things to freecycle, charity, jumble on a regular basis
71. Turn down plastic bags for a month (0/30)
72. Make some reusable shopping bags to fit in my handbag
73. Visit five countries (3/5) - South Africa, Mauritius and Dubai
74. Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 35th birthday
75. Find a photo of myself that I like and frame it - an easy one really as we're now surrounded by wedding photos.
76. Make a cake for Ben's 36th birthday - yes I did and it was yesterday!
77. Have a session with a personal shopper
78. Learn about a historical period (Tudors?)
79. Read 10 biographies (0/10)
80. Have a boudoir photo session
81. Make something from each of my craft books- donate to charity any books I don't make anything from
82. Finish working through the book, “ The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are”
83. At least once a month, go to sleep without reading first (it drives Ben mad!)- might change this one as I do this most of the time now
84. Buy new glasses
85. Go to New York again (with Ben)
86. Re-stock etsy shop
87. Find a new band/singer every month and listen to their album (2/33)
88. Get my hair cut every 8 weeks (I hate having my hair cut) (1/17) - managed to get it cut last month and have another appointment booked for April
89. Go to motocross or fishing with Ben once every 2 months without complaining (on average, season permitting!) (0/17)
90. Eat a piece of fruit every day for a month (0/30)
91. Pay my naughty library fine and don't get any more fines! - I did pay it off but just got another fine the other week, whoops!
92. Make something and give it to a friend for no reason
93. Make 100 handmade presents (10/100)
94. Plant a tree
95. Have a spa day, just because
96. Give snowboarding another try
97. Watch 20 of the Times top 100 films (1/20)
98. Read a newspaper every day for a week (0/7)
99. Learn how to use my mac (I really need to learn the shortcuts I'm so used to with Windows!)
100. Start an art journal
101. Sleep outside 


StowmarKate said...

May I make a suggestion for No. 66? The Bury Bach Choir are performing the St John Passion next weekend. (Ok, shameless self-promotion finished now).

Christine said...

Hi Kate, sounds great but I have plans next weekend :( Let me know of any future performances though :)

laurafallulah said...

I recommend reading Catcher in the Rye if you havent already, it is only short so shouldnt take you too long :)
You are doing pretty well though missy, I should do a list like this to make me do more things that I want to do. This year I wanted to read more and learn how to drive. The reading is going well, the driving not so much.


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