Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A lovely vintage find

Vintage textiles
Originally uploaded by ::Christine::

Vintage textiles
Originally uploaded by ::Christine::
I went for a little wander around the Woodbridge charity shops the other day and came across a couple of beautiful embroideries in Oxfam (the same shop I found this bundle of joyousness).

One of a beautiful lady with pretty flowers was finished but the other still has the outlines ready to be filled in - as a bonus the embroidery threads were tucked inside it so maybe one day I'll get round to finishing it.

Does anyone have any tips on cleaning vintage fabric? I certainly won't be throwing them in the washing machine.


clare's craftroom said...

Christine what a great find , just beautiful !

Christine said...

I couldn't believe no one else had snapped them up when I saw them :)

mimipearl said...

Handwash in cool water with Lux flakes - rinse and then dry naturally over an airer. Do this for all my vintage textiles at home and for vintage fabrics. T x


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