Thursday, 11 February 2010

Teeny tiny pot

Little pot
Originally uploaded by ::Christine::
Inspired by tiny happy I bought a porcelain pen. I've only drawn on one thing so far but I see lots more in my future as it was really easy and fun. I just doodled with no real plan but I think it turned out pretty cute. What shall I draw on next?


Lisa Stevens said...

ooh...paper and cloth and clay? :) It's a slippery slope Christine! Great first piece!

Christine said...

Lisa I wish I could say I made the pot but I merely embellished it ;) I did have a go at pottery a couple of years ago but I failed miserably!

Lisa Stevens said...

Yes, I know that :) Lovely decoration! It could be a great way of repurposing charity shop ceramics!

Christine said...

Hee hee I thought that you thought... well anyway, thank you!


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