Sunday, 21 March 2010

Meme: Five Faves

Head over to Meet Me at Mikes to join in the five faves fun and see what everyone else has listed. Here are my five faves for the week:
  1. I finished reading this book - I love the escapism to another age that you get with Philippa Gregory books.
  2. I made my favourite cake in the world for my hubby's birthday: Lemon drizzle cake
  3. Favourite TV show of the week (and every week): Glee
  4. Current favourite blog full of beautiful photos and amazing work: dottie angel
  5. And finally, my favourite thing to do this week is sewing - I'm finishing up a skirt from this book.


    StowmarKate said...

    Made the lemon drizzle cake (was going to make a different lemon cake this weekend anyway) and it was V. yummy. Thanks for the tip!

    Btw, the next Bach Choir performance is during the Bury Festival in May we're singing Mozart's Requiem.

    Christine said...

    Glad you enjoyed the cake, it's one of my favourites :)

    May could work!


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