Saturday, 26 April 2008

I'm back...

but this will still be a heavy on photos post rather than text as my arm isn't quite right and I've an essay to finish that I really can't fill with pretty photos instead of words!

Since I was last here:

* we got to the colour choosing stage in our bedroom, so I put together this little mood board to give us ideas...

* we paid the deposit for our wedding so it's all confirmed :)
* we had Toby's family to stay, don't they look innocent:
Yeah well they had us up at 5.30am with their barking! I'm sure Toby encourages them to get in trouble.
* I was so bored when I was off work for a week, I took all my cooking magazines and cut out recipes I liked and put them in a binder. That's bored for you but pretty useful I guess!
* I bought these trousers, this wallet, these brooches, these smellies.

and that will do for now as I've really got to get on with my assignment. I only have a few weeks left of my 4th year of my part time degree which is pretty scary as I have loads of work to do in that time. But it also means I only have a year to go which is exciting- I can't wait to have my evenings back! When I started the degree, I was really in to IT. Now, not so much. But I still want to finish it as it's a personal goal of mine to get a degree. And once it's done, I can decide what I want to do next!

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


Amy said...

Awww the dog family looks gorgeous! I can't believe they caused you so much trouble.

Pinky said...

Glad to see you are doing better, but don't do too much! We don't want you getting hurt again.



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