Saturday, 28 April 2007

Yay- a pretty necklace for Spring!

Happy Saturday everyone, I finished this necklace last week but I had to get my lovely boyfriend to set up his SLR camera for me last night (and give me a quick lesson) so I could take some photos of it. I think they came out ok:

What do you think? It's in my shop now :)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I'm off to a friends for a BBQ this evening then staying over at hers as we're walking 18 miles tomorrow. We've decided to set off at 8.30am as it's predicted to be another hot day. Three weeks today until the MoonWalk! If you'd like to support me, you can sponsor me here or buy anything pink from my shop- 50% of the sale of anything pink is going to the charity.


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I love the pink and that's a great thing you're doing with the pink items in your shop. Tashi sends puppy kisses your way.

Christine said...

Thank you! And thanks to Tashi too :)


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