Monday, 9 April 2007

My London adventure

A little later than planned, here's a full report of my day in the big city! I'm a country girl at heart and I love to travel in to London every so often but it makes me realise I could never live there- I'm always happy to see all the fields appearing out of the train window on the way back.

The Victoria & Albert museum was my destination. I started the day with the Kylie exhibition (which is free to visit) and is full of lots of her costumes from various videos and live tours as well as fashion drawings from various designers such as John Galliano. A huge video screen was playing her Greatest Hits. My favourite part of the exhibition was the recreation of her dressing room from her latest tour. I love Kylie and thoroughly recommend the exhibition- it is free after all!

So after Kylie I headed to the Surreal Things exhibition. I had to pay for this one but thanks to my student card, it was only £5 so it wasn't too bad. I loved this exhibition so much! This painting by Leonora Carrington had me transfixed- I could have stared at it all day.

The house opposite, 1945, Leonora Carrington

Other highlights were the Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali:

and the bird leg table by Meret Oppenheim:

I wandered around several other collections in the museum and saw so many more beautiful items, too many to list here! And then I spent a bit of money in the museum shop ;) After a scone and a latte in the cafe I hit the shops on Kensington High Street. My feet were killing me by this point so I spent a good half hour or so in Waterstones book shop reading craft books and I bought this book. I really like it and will hopefully make something from it soon. I was hunting for a Spring jacket but couldn't find anything in M&S, Warehouse, Jigsaw, Topshop or any of the other shops I walked around. So to console myself I bought this top from Warehouse!

I went home very tired, but very happy with my day out!


SmurfPop said...

Ooh days out in London are so much fun! That telephone and table looks so cool too :D Glad you enjoyed your day x

woof nanny said...

That dress is fantastic--is it a bunch of magazine covers? I love the uniquesness of that.
I am so glad you'll be joining the purse challenge! It should really be fun and inspiring.


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