Thursday, 15 April 2010

Kitchen love

I love my kitchen - mainly for the south-facing views over open countryside. The sun is always shining in (as long as it's actually not grey and tipping down with rain of course) and bathing the room with warmth. Toby loves to sit in the sun as it warms up the tiles.

It's also where I like to put pretty flowers in almost-as-pretty jugs so I can admire them as I cook and bake and make a mess!

The mixing bowl is from Mason Cash and I love it - perfect for brownie mixing, batter whisking and concocting other foodie delights. The white enamel jug was an ebay bargain and is currently full of bicarbonate of soda for keeping the kitchen clean (ish). The jug is a sister to the one I posted the other day - I got it in a antiques shop for a few pounds and it's so bright and cheerful. I'd love to find some more to match.

What's on your windowsill?


Jules said...

my kitchen windowstill is cluttered with a pair of Equilibrium scales we were given for our engagement along with other cooking things.

I love the Mason Cash bowl my mum gave for me. It's about the only dish in my house that is big enough for Christmas Cake mix.

Jennifer said...

My kitchen window sill is sad and empty. The window above my sink looks into my backyard and then into the neighbors back yard. I need to put up some tree houses and give my window sill some love.

Thanks for the inspiration.



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