Sunday, 25 April 2010

H is for... husband

I was going to do H is for Home but I decided on Husband. Yesterday he surprised me with a trip to London to see a West End musical that I've been wanting to see for five years: Billy Elliot. It's been a standing joke that every birthday and Christmas I've been making very strong hints about going to see it yet we never have. So yesterday we got in the car and set off to destination unknown. I will admit, I had an inkling of what the surprise was but I didn't dare say in case I was wrong. By the time we were on the train London-bound I was pretty certain I was right. Of course if was all confirmed when we left Victoria tube station and I saw the theatre.

I've seen quite a few musicals but Billy Elliot is now up there with my favourites (Phantom, Joseph & Hairspray) - it was really funny (loved the topical jokes after the interval during the miners Christmas party); it was tear-jerking (the letter from Billy's mum); the music was fabulous; and the dancing was spectacular.

The only problem is, I want to go again!



Blueberry Park said...

DESPERATE to see Billy day ;-) Glad you had fun

Christine said...

It's fabulous - you should definitely go!


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