Friday, 23 April 2010

F is for... feet

I realise I'm running the risk of attracting the wrong kind of attention here but when I was looking through my photostream the other night I spotted quite a few feet photos...

All different seasons and footwear are featured here, giving you a snapshot into some aspects of my life!

Skiing - I'm a relatively new skier - I've been going for five years now. I've really missed not going this year. We do have a trip planned for next season though and I can't wait.
Gardening - I'm not very good at gardening but I do have some gardening boots - and some pretty flowers.
Toby - he has a foot fetish (uh-oh I really will get some attention now!) and one of his best tricks is to do 'high-five' with our feet.
Summer - I love summer, the next two shots are me out and about in the countryside enjoying the sun.
Walking for charity - in the last photo my feet are a blur as I reach the 26-mile mark in the Playtex MoonWalk a couple of years ago.

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