Monday, 1 February 2010

Introducing Nina...

Nina the Bernina
Originally uploaded by ::Christine::

Here she is, the latest addition to the household: Nina. Yes it's a lame name but it's kinda stuck already so there's no changing it.

So far I've only made the baby blanket she's posing with in the photo but I see so much more sewing in my future than ever before. I never knew sewing machines could be so quiet - my old one rattled so much I dared not sew after 9pm in case I was annoying the neighbours. I can listen to music and sew now as Nina just whispers in comparison. I'm only starting to learn how to use her but it's been fun so far.

P.S both Nina and the baby blanket kit are from Quilter's Haven. I'm planning to head there again next weekend to stock up on yummy fabrics.

P.P.S the fact I'm making a baby blanket is not an announcement - I'm going to be an auntie later this year.

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Christals Creations said...

I have a sewing machine tucked away at mum's. One day i'll retrieve it and give sewing a go. . .


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