Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Can you help me? What do you collect?

I'm putting a little something together about collections and collecting and wondered if you could help me and answer the following...

What do you collect (the more unusual the better)?
Why do you collect that?
Where do you keep the collection?
Anything else you can tell me about the collection?

I'll pick a commenter at random and post you a little something as a thank you.

Here are a few pictures of things that I collect:

1. Buttons!, 2. Vintage teacup, 3. Susie Cooper Trio, 4. Vintage teacup, 5. Green glass candlestick, 6. Vintage biscuit tin


kris said...

I collect mugs/tea cups and 3d glasses!

charlotte narunsky said...

As I child I collected silver teaspoons (I know, an obvious joke can be made here). I have about twenty of them and they are all beautiful but are hidden away somewhere in a plastic bag. I really should get them out and give them a polish.

Kala said...

Well I used to collect leather bookmarks when I was a kid, had a hundred and something, as well as stamps, still have them buried in the bottom of my cupboard somewhere. Now I collect paper, postcards, greeting cards and books up to the ceiling.

Anushka said...

What do you collect (the more unusual the better)?
I collect postcards. It's good if people have sent me them, and I hang these off a ribbon on my wall to look at for ages before putting them away in a special photo album. I can never resist buying postcards too, particularly if i'm in a gallery or museum. i just love them. they come to be snippets of me, with which i decorate my room. just sitting here at my computer and staring at one from Poland from my grandfather, and another which I bought at the Wellcome library cheers me up. I love the affordibility of them, and the accessibility. I like the shape, and the feel of the card. They quite honestly make me happy, and they remind me of the time I bought/received them, and how I was feeling, what I was doing them. I also love it when i get surprise postcards in the post, when i'm not expecting to hear from a friend, or not expecting them to have gone on holiday.


Ellie said...

Hey, I like your blog!

I collect kids drawings. They inspire me.

Rhi said...

ribbon, lace, and buttons! the more vintage the better.
also, anything with a cupcake on. for obvious reasons ;)
and i seem to collect blank journals. but that might just be because i buy too many.
for the record. i want that green glass candlestick :P i have a couple of bright pink ones! they aren't as pretty as yours though.

WildCat Designs said...

I collect quite a few things, come to think of it: postcards, cinema & concert tickets, unusual guitar plectrums, badges, scarves, vintage lace, ribbon, comics, shells (I love living near a beach!) - these are in an old shoe box or looking pretty on my windowsills nestling amongst seaglass, driftwood and other things found whilst beachcombing :)

When I was little I loved collecting stickers (I still have my old sticker albums), postage stamps, foreign coins, sweetie wrappers, you name it!


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