Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A magical evening

Went to see Stardust last night and I loved it- it's a magical, escapist, fantasy film with lots of good jokes, great effects and a local connection.

The whole cinema started giggling when the character Victoria (Sienna Miller) declared that her suitor had travelled all the way to Ipswich to buy her an engagement ring. Well of course, where else would you go for a ring?

The reason for the Ipswich reference is explained in this local newspaper article, the director Matthew Vaughn lives not far from here with his wife Claudia Schiffer.

Anyone else seen any good films lately?

In other news, I still haven't photographed my Christmas cards ready to list on etsy, will try and do later today. If you'd like me to reserve any for you, let me know.


Pinky said...

COOL! I got to find out new stuff today!! I've been wanting to see Stardust, it just looked awesome. Glad to know you liked it. The last movie I saw was Transformers and I thought it was badasssssss! Made me want to fight for justice an, well, fly around in cool car/ robots! :)

Rhi said...

i really wanna see that.
i saw The Science of Sleep a little while back. It's crazy weird, but so inspiring! I think you would love it, just for all the handmade goodness that is throughout it.

Zee said...

Thanks for sharing! I rented "Chocolat" via Netflix another day. It's very nice!!!


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