Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Three puppies and a rubber chicken...

First here are my two latest photos for Crafting 365...

Day 9- yet more crochet and new wool

More crochet and new wool!

Day 10- Christmas cards in progress

Christmas cards in progress

And here are the Yorkie puppies that are currently staying with us...

Sorry, you'll have to tilt your head on the side, don't know how to rotate videos!
Our Toby is the one with the curly tail, the other two are his sisters.

Hope you're all having good weeks so far, nearly half way! x


charlotte narunsky said...

Hello there lovely!
Consider yourself tagged!

Charlotte x

SmurfPop said...

Oooh, what little monkeys! (So to speak...!) x

Sakura said...

Hey there gorgeous :D with this sword I thee tag :P

Sakura ♥

Sakura said...

whoops just noticed you have already been tagged alrighty then I take my tag back :S

Heidi said...

oh no you've already been tagged twice! i'm sure you'll consider this spammage to the highest degree, but... you.have.been.tagged. (again!)


Rhi said...

oh that is the cutest thing i've seen all week!
in regards to the puppies ;)


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