Friday, 7 September 2007

Crafting 365: Day 2 & 3

Day 2:

Finished and listed this card, the dots are needle felted, a skill the lovely Charlotte taught us whilst in York.

Going dotty- card

Day 3:

Finished my first ever scrapbook page:

bro and sis scrapbook page

I really enjoyed it and will definitely be making another one soon. I decided my flowery scrapbook papers weren't suitable for a layout featuring my brother so here's a quick summary of the steps I used to make this layout:

  1. Printed the photo!
  2. Cut a piece of sketch paper to 8x8"
  3. Covered the paper with slightly watered down blue acrylic paint. I kept it quite "rough" with some bits more covered than others.
  4. Got my little tiny alphabet stamps and made the word "family". Stamped them in black ink haphazardly all over the paper in all directions.
  5. Got the black ink pad and rubbed it over the paper in a random fashion until I like how it looked!
  6. Did a little random machine stitching on the paper
  7. Stencilled "bro + sis" on the orange luggage label.
  8. Stapled the photo and luggage label on the paper. I played around with the positions for a while before stapling. Added the silver clip.
  9. Spelt out family in some fancy stickers at the bottom.
  10. Done.


Jay said...

Well, you rock.

I have a bunch of junk to scrap book, but it's such a daunting task that my pages usually consist of :
1. bits of paper
2. glue stick

Envious much?

Christine said...

Awww thanks Jay :)

I need to do some more soon whilst I have the bug. You should give it another go :)


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