Thursday, 1 February 2007

Some new artwork (ATCs of course!)

I've been making quite a few ATCs since my holiday (and before but I couldn't show them as they were for swaps).

Here are a set I made for a "Pick a theme" swap. Everyone chose a theme and each person in the group made each person a card for their theme.

PAT set

Top row: Midwife, Charlie Brown & Mona Lisa quirky quips.
Middle row: Zetti animals & Dark circus
Bottom row: Medical

The next two "pairs" were for an Artists Choice swap. I chose Fairies & Women.

Women ATCs


This one was for an ATC & Ephemera swap, we had to make a card out of the ephemera we were sending our partner:


I'm taking part in a Zetti swap (see Teesha Moore's website for more on Zettiology) on Craftster so I did a couple of "practice" cards last night in preparation!:

An experiment in zettiology ATCs

Here's the final card in my "love" collection ready for Valentine's day:

love telegram

And finally in today's ATC dump is a set for a Vintage Fashions swap on

vintage fashions


Pinky said...

WOW! you're really doing some cool ATCs here! Your collages are coming together and I really like the way you incorporate everything. WOOO!! Keep it up! HUGS!

Christine said...

Thanks Pinky! Big hugs back at ya :)


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