Friday, 16 February 2007

Fabric mache

You wait ages for a post from me and then two come along at once! Well I just finished this ATC and wanted share it with you lot first...

I cut up lots of tiny squares of fabric and glued them down (mod podge again) in a random pattern. The picture is one of the vintage ones I picked up from my Mum's house. I'm not sure about the writing but other than that I love it!

I can't claim to be original with the idea though. Have a look at Emily's amazing artwork to see my inspiration and this post at mollychicken.


SmurfPop said...

I've only just found your new blog - I loved reading PinkAngel and missed it when it disappeared! Your ATCs are gorgeous - I especially love all the tiny pieces of fabric glued on! You have patience! x

Christine said...

Hello! I broke my old blog somehow and deleted it by accident! Glad you found me :)


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