Thursday, 15 February 2007

Going through memories...

I went round my Mum's house the other night with my brother and we spent the whole time going through Granddad's photo box. We used to spend many an hour at his house looking through the photos even though even Granddad didn't know who a lot of the people were. So I came home from Mum's remembering old memories of my own, with some lovely photos of people I knew and some of people I'd never met and died long before I was even born. I'm planning to use some of them (scanned copies of course) for collages and the like. But here's a sneak preview of a couple of my favourites:

Me aged between two and three:

My Grandma and Great-grandma:

I love photos! Even photos of people I don't know just make me imagine what they're thinking and talking about, who they love and hate and where they live and work.

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