Thursday, 8 February 2007

Busy busy

This week has flown by. My other half has been in South Africa all week on business and of course I miss him but I've been so busy that I was almost glad to have a week to myself if that makes sense? I love you my dear, if you're reading, but I think we work so well because we have our own spaces as well as a joint life. Hmmm I'm babbling, might be the two glasses of red wine I've had this evening in quick succession.

I started back on my part-time degree programme this week so that's Monday & Wednesday taken care of. Tuesday night was a leaving party for a guy from work- he's retrained to become a teacher. After 34 years with the same company he's decided to help "Silver Surfers" learn how to use computers and get on the Internet. And this evening my friend Ray came round and we chatted for three hours solid over hot chocolates about her upcoming wedding, families, relationships, jobs and everything in-between. We haven't met up for ages so it was lovely to see her.

Well it's late so I should take myself off to bed and look forward to seeing my gorgeous man tomorrow.

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