Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Not much to say!

I'm not feeling very talkative so here are a few bullets...
  • Etsy v2 has launched.
  • I have a huge amount of embroidery left to do.
  • Next spread for the UK Round Robin journal is complete.
  • My boyfriend is away but back on Friday.
  • I'm cold.
  • I've got a cold.
  • I went to pottery last night- did lots of glazing but started nothing new.
  • I made this ATC for a swap on Craftster...
  • And finally, look who's coming to stay for the weekend...


rhi said...

awwwww. i'm such a dog person. i've even made my dog a myspace bwah. who's the cutie?

Love the ATC! That's something I have never done yet...atc's.

Christine said...

Her name is Poppy and she belongs to my boyfriend's parents. We're looking after her for the weekend. Lots of piccies of her over in my flickr account.

Thank you- you should try them! They're pretty addictive.

pinky said...

LOVE this ATC!! I'm a sucker for vintage. I hope that you are feeling better. I'm sure baby sitting for that doll of a dog will perk you up!

Christine said...

Hi Pinky, we've both been ill this weekend :( Boy was up most of night so I don't think I'll be getting much done this weekend! Poppy says hi!


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