Sunday, 26 November 2006

New item in shop... and the tale of the missing dress

I decided to list the felt stockings I showed in my last post in my Etsy shop- they're such fun to make I'm happy to make more.

I'm in a bad mood this afternoon! We went Christmas shopping and I decided to treat myself to a dress I'd fallen in love with. So I had a few bags as we carried on walking round town- and then I suddenly noticed the bag with my new dress was missing. A search ensued, with one shop even checking their CCTV footage for us but we couldn't find it anywhere. So I'm £40 down today with no dress to show for it. :(

But hey there are more important things going on in the world and I'm sure I'll get over it. I've decided to list a load of old clothes and books etc on ebay to try and raise a some money to buy a replacement so I'm sure I'll get to wear that dress again before long! And I've learnt a lesson about keeping a better eye on my bags. :)


pinky said...

Man, that would have made me a lot more upset than that!! I'm sorry, I know that sucks but maybe you'll be able to get another one, soon. How's the pottery coming? Are we going to get to see some more pictures?

Christine said...

Yeah I'm over it now, I was pretty upset at the time! I'm trying to make a bit of money so I can buy another one soon.
Pottery is good, should have some bits to show next week, I have lots of glazing to do tonight and then next week is the last class.


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