Monday, 13 November 2006

Christmas cards

Got two completely different styles of Christmas cards at the moment on offer.

There's the Winter mathematics set:

Winter mathematics

And this Green & gold Christmas tree set made from card, green fabric and my favourite gold thread:

Christmas card- green material and gold stitches

Etsy is still offline at the moment being upgraded to v2. but they will be available there soon!


pinky said...

You know I LOVE the Christmas mathmatics set! How fun!! And the tree card turned out really well, too.

Are you dying for Etsy to be back up? I've been checking all morning and nothing yet! But I know that's got to be a job from hell moving all that info.

Christine said...

Thanks Pinky. :)

Yes I've been checking for hours now- hope it's back up soon!

rhi said...

i was beginning to wonder about your other blog! how does one go about breaking a blog? ;)
Love the winter mathematics! hee!

Christine said...

Hi Rhi! I really don't know- it was something to do with Google though so I blame them!


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