Monday, 20 November 2006

Finished objects... SWAP PARTNERS DO NOT READ!

Sorry for the shouting in the title! I just don't want any swap partners to see something they don't want to- of course I could hold off on showing pictures but I'm too impatient and I want to share what I've been up to lately and the reason I haven't been posting very regularly.

These embroidered bags took a long time to make and whilst I was happy with the embroidery, I wasn't so pleased with them when I made them into bags, my sewing was a little wonky in more than one place. Oh well, here they are....

Teletubbies (image from colouring pages)
teletubbies bag

Fall leaf (design from
leaf bag

Flapper (design from
flapper bag

Cat (design from
cat bag

Birds (design from
birds bag

Cherry blossom (own design)
cherry bag

They're all lined and are reversible.

I also sent a pearl dangles ring, some poppy cards and a folding scrapbook (they all had extras thrown in as they took a lot less time than the bags!).

And it was UK Round robin journal day so I sent the next one off, here's the pages I did:

UK round robin journal

UK round robin journal

I love crafting and swapping but I don't think I'll be taking on any more large swaps before Christmas now. Well except for ATCs and journals!


rhi said...

that is alot of bags! I love the leaf and cherry blossom one. they're beautiful.

circle journal day gah. im a day behind, i didnt get round to posting it today, eek! first thing 2moro! love your entry.

Christine said...

Tell me about it- I won't be taking on that many again! Especially not when I have two college assignments to write as well!

I think you must be getting my journal next- how exciting!

Amber said...

Wow, those tote bags are awesome...I love the one with the leaf and the one with the blooming tree. :) Nice work!

Christine said...

Thank you Amber, those two are my favourites too :)


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