Sunday, 17 January 2010

Lone frog

Lone frog
Originally uploaded by ::Christine::
You have to feel sorry for him - he used to be one of over 200 but now he's the last one left. My frog collection is no more but I'm keeping this one as a little reminder of my childhood.
He's made by Poole pottery and I think he's rather handsome.
I did try kissing him once but nothing happened. But as I'm married that's probably just as well.
What did you collect as a child? What do you collect now?


Annina said...

Lovely frog <3
As i child i collected mini soap bars :D Yeah, you heard me. Little soaps that you get from hotels.

Now I collect fancy paper bags :) Bags with a certain logo or nice pic or slogan. I hang them on the wall like paintings. Also my BF collects these for me

Jules said...

As a child I collected keyrings now I collect vintage cookbooks. I love reading them and seeing how recipes have changed.

Christine said...

Annina - ha ha, how many soaps did you manage to collect?
Love your mugs!

Jules - I made a foray into keyring collecting too I seem to remember.

laurafallulah said...

I am a big collector, or hoarder depending on who you ask. When I was younger I collected the usual, rubbers, soaps shaped like stuff, pigs, marbles. Now I collect fabric, vintage crockery and glassware, prints, design books, vintage books, cooking books (I like books), shoes, dresses, way too much. I will need a storage unit soon :)

Christine said...

Laura - your collections all sound wonderful :)


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