Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Whatever happened to...

Weekly Wedding Picks!
Well I have been posting them, but haven't been putting them here.

Week 2- Wedding Hair Loveliness
Week 3- Wedding Decoration

So I've been thinking a lot about hair related things this week now that I've chosen my dress (see this post on paper and cloth I'll write more about my dress hunt later.)

I was vehemently against a veil and tiara when I first went shopping but since trying them on I've become a convert. However I really want to make both. One of my bridesmaids makes jewellery so we're going to work on the tiara and the bridal jewellery together.
I've been investigating veils and there are so many options.

I think I know the style I would like but I'll reveal that another time along with some photos of me in wedding dresses (not *the* dress though). In the meantime, here's some flickr veil inspiration.

1. bride with veil, 2. Bride and Veil, 3. Birdcage Veil , 4. Birdcage veil., 5. Finishing touches, 6. Sunset Bride, 7. Vintage Bride, 8. Vintage Fashion for a Modern Bride, 9. My veil


Jules said...

I made my own tiara from a 1950's necklace and my mum made my cathedral length veil. I have to admit it was my veil that made me feel like a bride.

Quite a few places sell patterns for veils and the best tulle to make veils is the cheapest.

jkziel said...

I really like the birdcage veils--very pretty. (All of them are!)

SecretMe said...

theyre nice!

Carly said...

I love the 6th one!


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