Monday, 18 February 2008

Seven weeks about me...

As I've mentioned before, I'm taking part in a flickr group- 52 weeks about U. So I thought I'd share the photos from the first seven weeks and tell you more about each one.

Coffee cup
Week 1: Coffee Cup
I drink quite a lot of coffee. Because I work from, it's so easy to wander downstairs and make a cup. I do usually switch to de-caff in the afternoon though so I don't have too much caffeine. We have a set of the mugs in the picture so I always use one of those- unless I've used so many that they're all in the dishwasher. I make my coffee in the simplest/laziest way- instant coffee, semi-skimmed milk and boiling water. I love "proper" coffee but I can't justify buying a machine just for me as Ben doesn't drink it. Maybe it could go on the wedding list...

Self portrait 10/1/08
Week 2: Self portrait

I don't take that many photos of myself but here's one I took for Self Portrait Thursday which I participate in once in a blue moon. I'm standing in front of a white wall in our kitchen/diner and holding the camera out. I'd just been outside, probably doing something glamorous like putting the recycling bins out and it was cold and wet so I'd put on my ski jacket.

Week 3: Packing

My ski goggles sitting on a pile of thermals in my suitcase, ready to go skiing. Little did I know what an amazing week it was going to be at that stage!

Instruments of torture?
Week 4: Ski boots

Without these, I can't ski but why can't they be more comfortable? As you can see, I undo them at any opportunity. I took this photo while sitting on a deckchair and drinking a vin chaud. Bliss!

Engagement ring
Week 5: My engagement ring & rose

As I'm sure you know, Ben proposed to me on the aforementioned ski holiday. And you've seen this picture before. Not much else to say really!

Beach huts
Week 6: Beach huts

This was taken the day after our engagement party and I had a rather fuzzy head so fresh air was needed! I took Toby for a walk with my friend Amanda and it was a gorgeous day. I love living so close to the sea.

Tea cups
Week 7: Vintage tea cups

I have quite a few tea cups in my collection and on Saturday I rearranged and cleaned them- whilst doing so, I took the opportunity to take a few photos. Here are the rest of the photos:

1. Tea cups, 2. Tea cups, 3. Tea cups, 4. Tea cups, 5. Tea cups6. Not available

Anyway, hope that wasn't too boring. I'll be back soon!

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Pinky said...

This was cool!! I'm the only one in my house that drinks hot tea, so I just have a tiny pot for water. I never thought much about it either, but a coffee pot would make a great gift!

LOVE the tea cups! LOVE THEM!! Actually, I truly enjoyed all of these pictures. Thank you for sharing!!


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