Monday, 28 January 2008

Big news

Some of you may have noticed I haven't been around for a little while. Well I've been away skiing for a week in the French Alps which was amazing:

Yes that is me doing an amazing jump (I won't tell you about the great big air bag I landed on... whoops I just did!).

What was even more amazing (my new favourite word it seems) was that my other half (Ben) proposed to me on top of the glacier! We had to ski back down afterwards and I was shaking to say the least.

So that's my big news. No wedding planned for a little while but that won't stop me thinking about it I'm sure so expect the odd wedding themed post making an appearance here and there. I'd better sign off now as the combination of champagne and the scent of flowers (lounge looks like a florists) is making me giddy. I'd send you all a glass of bubbly to join in the toast if I could! x


Rhi said...

congrats lady!!
you didn't have to spring it on him in the end ;)
and on top of a galcier...what a man!

Anushka said...

thoughts of anushka go as follows:


how amazing! congratulations! I feel a suddern urge to send you a cake. However as I am behind on coursework and parcels for people and since you're already giddy from wine and flowers i won't make you giddier by giving you giddy cake.

that makes no sense.

Pinky said...

WOOOOOOO!! This is so freaking awesome!! I'm so happy for you guys!! HOORAY!!! I'm with Rhi, that was impressive to propose on top of a glacier! YAY! I'm going to go be giddy with your news now. CONGRATS!!!

Christine said...

Thank you all of you :) I'm still very excited.

lusummers said...

oh, well done that about romantic!!!
on a completely different subject (or not, depending how rude your mind is...) so does baby oil *really* clean the gocco screens?! that's just too exciting for words (yes, i know how sad that makes me)
does it not break the design down at all? guess where i'm off to?! you're a star!

kirsten said...

CONGRATULATIONS! what wonderful news. enjoy the planning fun.


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