Saturday, 23 February 2008

Uh oh...

My wallet is about to get a lot lighter. Thanks to decor8 I've just heard that anthropologie now ship to the UK (and many other countries).

I'm loving babushka shakers. butterfly study serving plate. butterfly study mugs. fleur-de-lys glasses. who's the fairest mirror

I could go on! Take a look, I haven't even seen half the site yet, the clothes definitely need some attention.


Swirlyarts said...

Oh no - my husband will not thank you for telling me that :) I do though so thanks!!

Pinky said...

I'm with swirlyarts! WOW, what a place!! i think I need to explore it some more, too, just to see what it's all about! ;)

design for mankind. said...

Yeah, seriously--- I should pretty much just buy stock in that store... :)


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