Saturday, 12 January 2008

Time for love and romance and all that stuff...

I printed some gocco Valentine's yesterday and I'm really loving how they came out. I have some fab recycled paper that I printed the design on. I have several variations of these but for now I just have this one listed:

I love you valentines card
[click to see full size]

You can buy one here!

I'm really enjoying drawing in this simple line style so I think there'll be more where this came from soon.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, Toby sends licks and kisses to you all...

Toby in the sunlight


Anushka said...

i absolutely adore those cards, christine! i so wish i had a gocco.
valentines day only serves to make me depressed, however.


pinkalmond said...

cute card!!

Christine said...

Thank you pinkalmond :)

Nush- they are great fun! Sorry valentines day makes you depressed though. xxxx

Cat said...

Super cute doggie!


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