Thursday, 3 January 2008

How has it gone so far?

2008 that is. Has it started well for you?

Well I already need to change one of my goals I talked about here.

I went shopping yesterday and bought some new clothes ready for my next skiing trip. They were necessary of course and I realised I need some more bits too. So the no new clothes goal is moving to February.

Here are all my goals, the progress so far and I've added some new ones:
  1. Recycle all tetrapack cartons (juice, soya milk etc.). So far I have four cartons in the recycling box and none in the bin.
  2. Take part in this "paper adventure". Mini book is done, I haven't done the first prompt yet but I have planned it.
  3. Go to the gym five times in the next month. I haven't been yet, but am planning to go at least once by the end of the week.
  4. Don't buy any new craft supplies until March 2008. OK with this so far although I am going to need some blank cards soon to re-stock my etsy shop which is getting a bit depleted.
  5. No new clothes in January (charity shop clothes are ok). Well as mentioned above I need to change this one. So it now will read: Have at least one "no new clothes" month every six months.
  6. New one: Be more organised by planning meals for the week, planning activities for the week and re-organising cluttered parts of the house. I've started this by getting a diary (actually it was free and I've covered it to make it more attractive, photos to follow), I've planned the meals for the week and I've started planning what tasks I need to do each week. I also invested in some DVD storage units to tidy the piles of DVDs, CDs and Wii games in our lounge.
  7. New one: Look for ways to reuse rather than recycle where possible. Try to find a new way every month and write a tutorial for it where possible. I have an idea for this already that I need to try out.

So I haven't done too bad so far, as I said before I don't plan on these being rigid as I don't think I'll be very successful if they are.

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Pinky said...

I didn't make any resolutions, but your list makes me feel like I should have! There are a couple of things that I would like to do this year so I think I may take a page from your book and write them down. I want to make my own clothes, that's the biggie.

I hope you had a wonderful New Year's!! HUGS and love to you!


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