Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A tower, a concert, a birthday and a week in the sun...

So my story starts on Sunday 8th July with a trip in to London with my boyfriend and friends- a trip that I thought I'd organised. Or so they'd all have me believe. Actually they'd been plotting behind my back for 7 months to bring me a special birthday surprise. Tickets for the Justin Timberlake concert happening that very night in the O2 arena (formerly the Millennium dome). All very cunning. Before that however we spent a fun couple of hours on the River Thames admiring the sights of London:

London Eye

Me and Ben

The next morning we jumped on a plane to Bodrum in Turkey. We stayed at the Neilson Seaside hotel in Ortakent which caters for sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing and mountain biking to name but a few activities. I attempted waterskiing and windsurfing but I spent most of the week either sailing with Ben or sunbathing by the pool! We also went horse riding which was lovely.

Us in Gummusluk


Whilst we were away it was my birthday so on our return to the UK on the 16th I opened my presents:

Birthday presents
Click on the picture to see all the notes in flickr. I was very spoilt!

And finally, this is where I spent yesterday evening:

Me and my champagne with the London Eye over my shoulder

Up on the 34th floor of the BT Tower in London for an awards ceremony. Lots of lovely champagne, food and company. And stunning views of London, especially when the floor revolved!

What has everyone else been up to while I was away?


SmurfPop said...

What an exciting time! And you look great at the awards ceremony - what was being honoured? x

Anushka said...

What a fabulous birthday and what wonderful friends. Hooray for another July baby (I think, since yours was on the 8th, my new baby cousin was born on the same day as you!)

While you were away I had my own birthday, haha. :)

Happy birthday!

Christine said...

Hi smurf- my team won an award at work so we were getting presented with them and had a very nice dinner x

Hi Nush, happy belated birthday to you :) Mine was on the 12th (I got my early birthday surprise on the 8th). Congrats to your auntie on the new baby x

Pinky said...

WOW!! This all sounds so lovely! You must have had quite a time.

You look well, happy and beautiful! HUGS to you!!! :)


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